State Area Code

This is a 4 digit numeric code used by each state to identify each legal Local Government Area (LGA) or LGA part where legal LGA's have been split by Statistical boundaries. The states allocate the code differently as outlined below:

N.S.W. Assigned alphabetically to LGA's within each Statistical Subdivision/District which are grouped by Statistical Division. The code is designed so that it is sequential throughout NS.W. and the first code used in each Statistical Subdivision/District ends in a digit of either 1 or 5.

VIC Assigned alphabetically to LGA's within Statistical Divisions. Where LGA's have been split, the 2nd parts have been assigned separate State Area codes in alphabetical order after the rest of the LGA's in the particular Statistical Division have been assigned their codes.

QLD. Based on a 3 digit QLD local authority code. For the Brisbane City Area the code is assigned to suburbs alphabetically and has a value within the range 0001-0178.

The State Area code is then alphabetically assigned to the remaining Local Government Areas or parts thereof in the Brisbane Statistical Division followed by all other LGA's in Qld in Statistical Division and Statistical Subdivision/District order.

SA. Assigned alphabetically to LGA's within State Regions and State Sub-Regions (these being different to both Census and Statistical Divisions and Subdivisions), commencing with code 0001 and continuing through to code 0157.

W.A. Assigned alphabetically to LGA's within Statistical Divisions as they were at 31 December 1975. The second digit is the Statistical Division Number and the next two digits have been assigned as 01, 02 etc. sequentially beginning at 01 within each Statistical Division The first digit is always 0.

As a result of the reorganization of Statistical Divisions on 1 January 1976 W.A. State Area codes on this file bear no relation to present Statistical Divisions.

TAS. The first 2 digits are zero and the second 2 digits are the last 2 digits of the Tasmanian SAC list.

A C T. Allocated alphabetically to suburbs and urban centres within Statistical Divisions and Subdivisions.

NOTE. All migratory CD's have been given a State Area Code of 0999.


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