Section of State

Each Collection District has been allocated a single digit Section of State code as follows:

0 = major urban (CD is part of an urban centre of 100,000 population and above).

1 = other urban (CD is part of an urban centre of 1,000-99,999 population).

2 = bounded rural locality (the basic criteria for bounding a rural locality are that the locality must have an expected population of 200 or more at the Census and it must be able to have a meaningful and/or generally accepted boundary drawn around it. Thus a bounded rural locality will contain 200-999 population).

3 = rural balance.

4 = migratory.


(i) Known holiday resorts with less than 1,000 population are classified as urban and given a Section of State code 1 if they contain 250 or more dwellings of which at least 100 are occupied.

(ii) Migratory refers to persons who on Census night were on board ships in Australian ports or travelling between two Australian ports, or who were enumerated on long distance trains, buses or aircraft.


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