Confidentail CD

This is a code which indicates whether or not the CD is

i A confidential CD, in which case all information contained in Tables 2 to 49 will be contained in the CD indicated by the Receiving CD field, or

ii A receiving CD, in which case the CD will contain, combined with its own information, all information which would have appeared in Table 2 to 49 of a confidential CD. The possible code values and their meanings are:

	O 	Not applicable
	1 	Confidential CD
	2 	Receiving CD
Where the Receiving CD and the Confidential CD have different geographic indicatives (the Study Area Code, Post code etc), both CDs retain their original indicative information, but the data for the Confidential CD now added into a Receiving CD with, for example, a different Post code, will be reported against the Post code of the Receiving CD.


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