Collection District Workload

A single digit numeric code is used to indicate whether two or more CD's have been collected by the one collector. If the CD is a workload in its own right, a code of 0 is allocated to the workload field. The first group of 2 (or more) CD's to be combined to give one workload within a Census Subdivision is given the code 1 in their workload field. The next group is given code 2 and so on. It should be noted that a CD can only be amalgamated for workload purposes with other CD's in its own Subdivision.

In urban areas, CD's should have more than 150 dwellings and less than 350 dwellings in them to constitute one workload, 300 dwellings being considered the ideal (i.e. ten days work) urban workload. Rural CD Workloads (and rural CD boundaries where possible) are designed on the basis of a standard workload of 10 working days.

The number of dwellings allocated in rural workloads decreases in proportion to population density.


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