Check digit

Letter allocated to each CD indicative by the computer to enable the detection of incorrect indicatives by mispunching or by transposition of digits during the initial structuring of the CD Master File and later amendments.

The check digit is calculated as follows:

(i) The lowest order digit in the indicative is multiplied by two, the next lowest by 3, and so on until the highest order digit is multiplied by 8.

(ii) The products are added.

(iii) The total resulting from their addition is divided by 11, and the REMAINDER from this division (0-10) is used to determine the check digit.

(iv) The possible check digits are A, B. C, D, E, F. G. H. J. K and L. A is the check digit of the indicative if the remainder is 0, B if the remainder is 1, C is 2, and so on, L being the check digit if the REMAINDER is 10.


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