Parents' birthplaces

	(1)	Father A Mother A
	(2)	Father A Mother B
	(3)	Father A Mother C
	(4)	Father A Mother D
	(5)	Father A Mother E
	(6)	Father B Mother A
	(7)	Father B Mother B
	(8)	Father B Mother C
	(9)	Father B Mother D
	(10)	Father B Mother E
	(11)	Father C Mother A
	(12)	Father C Mother B
	(13)	Father C Mother C
	(14)	Father C Mother D
	(15)	Father C Mother E
	(16)	Father D Mother A
	(17)	Father D Mother B
	(18)	Father D Mother C
	(19)	Father D Mother D
	(20)	Father D Mother E
	(21)	Father E Mother A
	(22)	Father E Mother B
	(23)	Father E Mother C
	(24)	Father E Mother D
	(25)	Father E Mother E

	A = Australia
	B = U.K. and Ireland
	C = Greece, Italy, Malta, Yugoslavia, Cyprus
	D = Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Other E. Europe (including Syria, Lebanon and Israel)
	E = All other


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