Origin/Destination zones

These are groupings of one or more CDs specifically for the purpose of analysis of journeys to work. Values range from 0 - 699 in each study area. The CD Summary Files include the origin/destination zone codes on the indicative record of each CD, so that the characteristics of each zone and the CDs which are grouped to form it can be derived, and the zones within each Local Government Area can be determined.

The following special zone codes were used in the 1971 Census JTW data:

(537) Workplace not stated - except Victoria where code 688 is used

(555) PO Box given as place of employment - except NSW where code 014 is used and Victoria where code 365 is used

(566) Occupation not applicable (eg taxi drivers) - except NSW where code 537 is used

(699) Place of employment out of the study zone


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